Making money from used or surplus IT equipment. eg. Employers purchase scheme. as it is a powerful message for internal PR and corporate social responsibility, resell to 2nd user etc.


Implementing re-use policy and made it suitable for reuse by staff requiring lower power technology.

Charity Donation

Manage clients used IT equipment for donation to registered charities. another strong tool to promote corporate social responsibility.


Unusable items will recycled. We will do inspection, consultation, tagging and reporting service ( if needed).

Audit and Reporting

We provide services to track and report IT assets to an itemized level.

Logistic Management

We provide recovery and free transportation for all types of IT equipment including decommisioning from desktop and collection from staging areas.

Service Delivery

Work partnership with clients to ensure that their IT asset disposal are managers in the most cost effective manner.

Value Added Services

We can also provide site to site moves, recovery, and recycling of packaging materials from new install, data quarantine and collection.

Data disposal service

- we degauss media containing data
- crush circuit boards to destroy data
- drilled drives to physically damage
- data wiping software solutions